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Zlango Composer

  • The Zlango Composer uses Flash!

Client: Zlango

Once upon a time we were commissioned to design and develop a unique online editor that simplifies and promotes the usage of the Zlango icon language. We ended up designing a whole set of zlango-ised UI components, equivalents of traditional UI components, the ZlangoField, the ZlangoComplete and (of course!) the ZlangoPad, a twist on a tab view concept that allowed both categorization and free exploration, so the user can discover new icons by the way. The component set was then turned into a UI development framework that enabled Zlango to create various application with it, like their Facebook application.

Check out the embedded Zlango Widget sample to see how the components work together.

  • Concept / Design / Development
  • Hovav Oppenheim
  • Dani Bacon
  • Additional Design
  • Zlango - Tal Wachsmann
  • Emara Design